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Saturday, April 14, 2018

South Carolina Is One Of Few States With Serve Sex Offender Laws

In her 2015 book Protecting Our Kids? How Sex Offender Laws Are Failing Us, criminologist Emily Horowitz argues that our draconian sex offender laws "promote fear, destroy lives, and fail to protect children."

With all of these stories circulating in the news, though, I've been wondering -- what's the best way to reform the sex offender registry?

Well, part of the difficulty in reforming sex offender laws, is that registry is completely different from state to state. So in order to change our laws, we need to know specifically the differences of each version. I made the graphic below which synthesizes some of that information, and the color code indicates the severity level of the sex offender laws in the state: red being the most severe, with blue being the least.

We must ban together to influence public opinion about the growing national hysteria concerning sex offenders and deviant sexual behavior.

Specific strategies include promoting research, publishing articles, and writing letters to the editor to demand that real protection of children from sexual harm be coupled with civil liberties for all people concerned, including alleged sex offenders. Obtain resources to change or amend existing laws that violate the rights of offenders and do nothing to protect children, especially those that humiliate and shame offenders, those that criminalize consensual sex among adolescents and young adults, those that restrict the residences and employment of offenders, and those that continue to incarcerate offenders who have completed their sentences under so-called civil commitment.

We need to establish a state group to propose such amendments and also to oppose new, Draconian legislation.